3 Gun Matches

3 Gun Matches

What We Do - Compete

  • Expand the Sport

    Furthering the expansion of women in competitive matches across the country

  • Gear

    Working with sponsors to teach women about gear and technology available for 3 Gun

What Lady Competitors Said

  • Geared toward the novice shooter, but still challenging enough for the pros, participants tackled eight stages. Competitors shot from inside a minivan, liberated Cowboy Town, cleared a house of cardboard targets, and wobbled their way across a suspension bridge.

    Something For Every Level https://girlgunner.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/bl3g-recap-making-memories/ 
    Something For Every Level
  • I just don't have enough good things to say about this match. One of the most important to me, was the sudden realization partway thru the first day, that EVERY shot I was hearing- coming from all over the range - was coming from a WOMAN.
    Dr. LateBloomer

    Every Woman http://boostershotsblog.blogspot.com
    Every Woman
  • But when you get a couple of hundred women together for 5 days taking over one hotel and shooting for 3 days, well, fun things happen. Women from all over the country and from age 10 – 65 plus participated.

    Age Doesn’t Matter http://www.30calgal.com/2014-brownells-ladies-3gun-proam-200-women-guns/
    Age Doesn’t Matter